Sweet day Mother mary
I had a good day today. Now it's off to the movies with my parents. Yeah. I know.

Dad keeps sighing like he has better things to do, and Mom is all giddy that we're all spending some time together again. I think I like the together thing, too. Since Tyler left we've completely given up on the family meals thing, Mom just doesn't cook. So I've started making things when I get home from school, I eat and head to work then I suppose they eat when they get home because when I'm back at the end of the night, the food I make is gone haha.

That used to be our "family time" now it seems like it mostly just holidays that we see each other and have time, or even put in the effort into talking about our lives.

Roast Beef

Today..... Was a bus cancellation day. Which is wonderful since I woke up at 7:20 thinking "Fuck" and seeing as how my bus comes at 7:30, not a good way to start the day. I made an appointment to get my hair done?! Very much unlike me, but I feel this is a good day for change.

I've been told I should pursue a career in Graphic Design.. And while I really love to draw and play on visual appeal, I do it as a hobby.. I don't think I could ever do it if I had to. But, I'm thinking about it. All I've ever done is worked in restaurants.. As a cook or server. That's what I think I'd be really good at, is owning my own place. With a full vegetarian menu ontop of a traditional one, or maybe just a big veggie section. I want a trendy bar/restaurant to start off with, something for a younger crowd. I've got a vision in my head that I'd really like to come to life one day :)

Roast beef

Feel So Bad....
My Dad believes that we are the superior species, so if a mouse decides to invade our space (which we took from them when we built our house on their field, mind you) that we have every right to take their lives. I don't feel this is a fair trade-off. While I don't agree that it's okay or sanitary for a house to be shared with rodents or especially insects, they don't "invade" with force, just by instinct. So I feel that we can in turn react with humane intentions. Really now.

Happy New This Year
New Years... Oh New Years. Wish I could say I had a wicked time at Trevor's party, I got brutally hammed and literally could not remember my own name, apparently could not form words.. Yeah, that kind of drunk. 2004 did not end well! Trish Doan and Justin St. Amour had to help my brother carry me home (who was home from Ottawa over the holidays and also half in the bag by that point haha)

My cousin Mike made a valid point, I can't be sure if any of you assholes didn't feed me meat while I wasn't lucid. So, if you did, kindly keep that to yourself. I'd rather not know at this point if my vegetarianism has been tainted against my will.

Thanks to everyone who took care of me, carried me anywhere, kept my vomit contained in an appropriate vessel or pointed and laughed. All involvement is appreciated. Also, Tyler I vaguely remember winning the puking contest with feigned enthusiasm so I do believe you owe me one pizza pocket.


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