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Sweet Caroline.. Bah dah dah
Jarod is keeping the song hostage, but lucky for you I remember some of that sweet nectar.

"It wont stop snowing lets go swimming
Wear a speedo I want it to hold you like I do
Everything is backwards where are your pants?
That's ok, you have nice legs
This is the end but it's not over yet...."

Wrote an exam today. And as per usual, did not waste any time studying. So by the time I got to the door I was having trouble remembering to breathe, let alone the exam material. It was easy peasy though :) So now I'm home... Making muffins because Mommy dearest says I don't do anything around here anymore. So I showed her up by doing dishes too. Bitch. Ah I have no spine what can I say?

Roats Beef

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go limes

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