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That was the craziest game of poker that i ever saw.....
I say "of"
You say "a"
I say "revolution"
And you say "jah"

What a song :)

Today was a good day, we just watched movies in 4th and me and Ash wrote a stupid song in 1st. I'll get it from her tomorrow and put it up here. It's all about brushing your hair, and then going swimming in snow and losing your pants. Ok so I pretty much just gave away the whole song.

I did my playing test for music today, got a 92 so for once, practice has paid off on a test for me. Spent the rest of my time at school with Jeff.. He makes me fairly happy, I'm glad we're together although it feels like there may be a time limit on this one.. In fact, I'm certain there is, it's just really nice to have somebody for the moment.

Fingerbreakdancing showdown coming soon, I'm almost ready I swear.

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Re: shitty shitty bang bang happy go gup puffs, go go powerangers

I never mentioned your name... I gave reference to our FBDR. That's it, make no mistake. It's a damn good song, good for the soul, and to improve your poker game. Yes, for a change we need to talk and im not talkin bout nickels and dimes here. You know the drill. Hah, thanx I'm glad this one worked out too :)

Re: shitty shitty bang bang happy go gup puffs, go go powerangers

you mean quaters and loonies. no, whats that one guy, the two quaters character? oh yea, 50 cent, yea mean 50 cents.

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