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Hooray for Certs
ANOTHER no buses day, I could get used to this.

Here I sit, eating certs, writing in my LJ, looking like the biggest tool in the history of the earth because I've got on green plaid pyjama pants, and a bright red huge ghetto sweater. Yuh, whut?

Tyler's amp has seemingly become a part of me now... So, no you cannot have it back. It's mine now. I like it and I'm keeping it :) I also very much like my new Epiphone Les Paul copy.. Got it last weekend while I was in Ottawa, at Songbird Music. That store is sheer joy in a building. I saw this gorgeous Norman 12 string in the acoustic room but opted for the Epiphone which was half the price.. Also half the wicked, but nonetheless I needed to plug in, I'm getting stale on the acoustic gig.

Roast Beef

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Finger Breakdancing DAcing Revolution. duh. and wow that wjgda...thats going all around the school. thanks to cassie, kayla,and myself.
<3 abreveations.

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