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Hooray for Certs
ANOTHER no buses day, I could get used to this.

Here I sit, eating certs, writing in my LJ, looking like the biggest tool in the history of the earth because I've got on green plaid pyjama pants, and a bright red huge ghetto sweater. Yuh, whut?

Tyler's amp has seemingly become a part of me now... So, no you cannot have it back. It's mine now. I like it and I'm keeping it :) I also very much like my new Epiphone Les Paul copy.. Got it last weekend while I was in Ottawa, at Songbird Music. That store is sheer joy in a building. I saw this gorgeous Norman 12 string in the acoustic room but opted for the Epiphone which was half the price.. Also half the wicked, but nonetheless I needed to plug in, I'm getting stale on the acoustic gig.

Roast Beef

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wow..thats some creepy shit,im eating certs too. they're the shit.
plaid is the shit, i have a plaid coat, its so sex pistolsish.

oh and right.

awe, missing concerts suck, i know the feeling:@ :"(.

Certs are so good. I want some right now. But i just finished a pack and i have no more :(
plaid is sweet.... but not with bright red sweaters.
love james

very true. i want some more too. cuz they're good. but um FBDR?!??!

Frickin Bitchslapped Drawstring Raincoat? why would you want one of those... wjgtda.

Finger Breakdancing DAcing Revolution. duh. and wow that wjgda...thats going all around the school. thanks to cassie, kayla,and myself.
<3 abreveations.

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