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Ill take you to foggy london town
In liu of trying to find Napolean Dynomite to watch tonight (video store is closed already), we are making tater tots. Jessica says

"Let's make some tater tots. Theyre like.... Tater."

She is very high. Mike drove us to Cambelvale to Justin's to get the movie, but he's at band practice.. His one brother is a total dick and the other has a broken leg. So we weren't going to ask either of them to get it for us.

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Roast beef

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Re: Chris Conrad<3

but dont most funny movies have no plot?

well...listen to that mrsred girl. anchorman is the shit, and why have a plot when you dont have to? and yes, brick is awesome, and did you know that george is on some newsbrodcast shit? awe, hes so hot. as is hell as in anchorman is way better. as in kaits balck so she can talk like that. and whats with all this "wut-now?" thats pure black, dont be a hypocrite you talk more black then kait.
detroit wat-

Re: Chris Conrad<3

you're dead inside, jamie.

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