Writer's Block: Do (political) opposites attract?
Are there any political issues, such as abortion or capital punishment, that are so fundamental to your core values that you could not respect and/or trust someone who held a contrary view?

It may sound cliche but I definitely value freedom over following. I have far more respect for someone who will speak up about their objections than someone who keeps their mouth shut and stands behind an ideal they don't follow themselves. At the end of the day I trust honesty over loyalty.

(no subject)
I've just had the happiest day of life. I feel like nothing can break this.

I really sincerely hope tomorrow is slightly less awesome/happy so this day will stick out in my mind forever.

I can pinpoint the exact moment in time. when I was driving home from St. Thomas thinking "I am so fucking happy"

I let go of more than one thing, I re-gained something immensely important to me, and I realized multiple things about myself today.

It's been such a good day.

Enneagram Personality Test
I just did a personality test, and was kind of floored by the accuracy of the outcome...

Apparently I am Type 9

"Nines are calm, laid-back and optimistic. They are able to see everyone's point of view and have a natural desire for peace. Nines are effective mediators. Fearful of conflict and seperation from others, they can be too accomodating."

My main behavioural motivation is "I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy"

I like having some solid backup on who I think I am.

Writer's Block: Words to Live By
What is your personal motto or favorite quotation?
"Turn up the good, turn down the suck"

A friend of mine we call "Metal Dave" said this about 5 years ago, pertaining to the current music industry.. And I literally live by this!

If something in my life is hindering my happiness, I get rid of it or remove myself from the situation. I have ended friendships based on the way they make me feel on a daily basis. If I get negative feelings towards someone more than 40% of the time, that relationship is not worth it to me. I strongly believe that we thrive on our surroundings and what better way to ensure success than to control our environment.

Complaining is such a negative waste of time, especially when you literally have the power to remove "the suck". You wouldn't listen to terrible music if you had the choice, and if you did.. You'd probably complain about it at least once, right? Why waste yours and everyone else's time? Why be the static to pure complacent living? Just turn down the suck and get on with it.

Life's too short to be pissed off all the time.

Writer's Block: Down on Memory Lane
What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory is laying in my Mom's bed "just being sad" because the dog had chewed my favorite music box which was a 1 ft tall wooden rocking horse... Blue plaid saddle on it and yellow yarn hair. I made her keep the music box from inside of it and keep winding it up for me.. Everytime it played I just cried my eyes out.

Thinking about it now still brings tears to my eyes, I can still precisely pinpoint that exact moment in time. And that immense wave of sadness passes over me again every single time! I wound up the horse everytime I went to bed, it became a part of that routine that helped me sleep. At that point in my life, being 3 years old, the saddest thing that could happen to me was destruction of a familiar and comforting sight/sound. And music was what came out of it.. Maybe that's why I feel like a song can have such a huge effect on me to this day.... I have a playlist to sleep to, I have several playlists for when I'm getting ready for a night on the town, I have a sad playlist that I throw on when I'm feeling down and just lay in bed and listen to all the lyrics. I still do that. Sad time is spent in bed, everywhere else I am happy. Bed is a very personal place for me.

Grape Juice
I've neglected this journal to some extent now, suppose it's due time to pay homage again. I'll be leaving for Ottawa on St. Patty's day.. Reeeeel soon-like, to visit my brother. I haven't seen him in a few months so it should be a grand time. My best friend is coming with me, she's pretty well a shopaholic so thus far we've planned shopping at the Rideau Center, and downtown as well as a Sleeper Set Sail show. It's supposed to be in the basement of some art gallery, sounds fairly rad.

Roast beef

Sweet Caroline.. Bah dah dah
Jarod is keeping the song hostage, but lucky for you I remember some of that sweet nectar.

"It wont stop snowing lets go swimming
Wear a speedo I want it to hold you like I do
Everything is backwards where are your pants?
That's ok, you have nice legs
This is the end but it's not over yet...."

Wrote an exam today. And as per usual, did not waste any time studying. So by the time I got to the door I was having trouble remembering to breathe, let alone the exam material. It was easy peasy though :) So now I'm home... Making muffins because Mommy dearest says I don't do anything around here anymore. So I showed her up by doing dishes too. Bitch. Ah I have no spine what can I say?

Roats Beef

That was the craziest game of poker that i ever saw.....
I say "of"
You say "a"
I say "revolution"
And you say "jah"

What a song :)

Today was a good day, we just watched movies in 4th and me and Ash wrote a stupid song in 1st. I'll get it from her tomorrow and put it up here. It's all about brushing your hair, and then going swimming in snow and losing your pants. Ok so I pretty much just gave away the whole song.

I did my playing test for music today, got a 92 so for once, practice has paid off on a test for me. Spent the rest of my time at school with Jeff.. He makes me fairly happy, I'm glad we're together although it feels like there may be a time limit on this one.. In fact, I'm certain there is, it's just really nice to have somebody for the moment.

Fingerbreakdancing showdown coming soon, I'm almost ready I swear.

Hooray for Certs
ANOTHER no buses day, I could get used to this.

Here I sit, eating certs, writing in my LJ, looking like the biggest tool in the history of the earth because I've got on green plaid pyjama pants, and a bright red huge ghetto sweater. Yuh, whut?

Tyler's amp has seemingly become a part of me now... So, no you cannot have it back. It's mine now. I like it and I'm keeping it :) I also very much like my new Epiphone Les Paul copy.. Got it last weekend while I was in Ottawa, at Songbird Music. That store is sheer joy in a building. I saw this gorgeous Norman 12 string in the acoustic room but opted for the Epiphone which was half the price.. Also half the wicked, but nonetheless I needed to plug in, I'm getting stale on the acoustic gig.

Roast Beef

Ill take you to foggy london town
In liu of trying to find Napolean Dynomite to watch tonight (video store is closed already), we are making tater tots. Jessica says

"Let's make some tater tots. Theyre like.... Tater."

She is very high. Mike drove us to Cambelvale to Justin's to get the movie, but he's at band practice.. His one brother is a total dick and the other has a broken leg. So we weren't going to ask either of them to get it for us.

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Roast beef


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